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Friday, 17 February 2012

Peavey AT-200 Review by Home Recording Studio Equipment on Blogspot

I thought what should I share to you this week and I came up to a decision to write a small post about may be a small but at the same time a brilliant innovation by Peavey Electronics.

Peavey’s partnership with Antares Audio Technologies – a company renown for its pitch-correction techonology for vocal recording – resulted in Peavey AT-200. It is the first ever guitar with Auto-Tune technology.

While playing your guitar intonation is becoming less and less perfect. So the sound you get is becoming muddy. After some time you may find it necessary to stop and tune your guitar. However it is quite inconvenient. With Peavey AT-200 you can push just a button and your guitar will be electronically self tuned continuously as you play. Peavey AT-200 is extremely useful on stage when you have no time for stopping and retuning your guitar.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

M-Audio Fast Track C Series Audio Interfaces Review by Home Recording Studio Equipment on Blogspot

I would like to dedicate this post to M-Audio Fast Track C-Series Audio Interfaces. I had been using old Fast Track audio interfaces for years but C-Series – C600 and C400 are so innovative that I could not help myself but express my admiration towards these interfaces.
The most important advantages of C-Series Fast Track interfaces is that they remove all the limits for speed of making music. If you are using C400 or C600 the sky.. well your musical creativity is the only limit for your music making speed. These audio interfaces manage to offer you this thanks to top-panel controls. These controls make you able to control the features of your music recording software directly and they can be integrated with almost all the DAWs available on market nowadays.
What is else C400 and C600 offer built-in delay and reverb effects so that you can use them right on the fly.
Another amazing feature of C-series is Built-in monitor management system. Telling a long story short, this feature lets you check how your newly created musical track sounds on different sets of speakers. I have frequently found this part of mixing quite time-consuming. I had to try different sets of monitors seperately, however with M-Audio Fast Track C-Series, this can be done by just pushing the necessary button on the audio interface.
Fast Track is also equipped with Near-Zero Latency Monitor just to inspire wonderful performances. Nothing is more awful than getting latency while mixing. So ZERO, I think, is the desired level of latency for all of the amateur and professional musicians alike.

C 400 comes with 4 input and 6 ouptut and C 600 with – 6 input and 8 output – enabling you to capture and play back multiple sources. 24 bit/96 kHz audio fidelity is all needed to make your recordings sound amazing!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

M-Audio Axiom 61 - Review by Home Recording Studio Equipment on Blogspot

M-Audio’s Axiom 61 can be one of the basic equipment for your home recording studio. This keyboard is not just a controller, it combines all the performace and production you may need to get from your music recording software or a MIDI gear.

Axiom 61 has 61 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys with assignable aftertouch. Of course this does not provide you with the ability to fully get a real feel of a piano, however you can still get a satisfying playing experience even when playing acoustic piano style. But Axiom 61 is just a wonderful keyboard for playing synthesizer, pads, organs and all non-acoustic VSTs.
Axiom 61 comes with 8 large dynamic trigger pads. These pads are extremely useful for making one-shot samples. Your beat creation creativity has endless possibilities with Axiom 61.

What is more, Axiom 61 comes with 9 assignable faders, 8 assignable rotary encoder knobs and buttons that enable you to have direct real-time control of your music recording software. With Axiom 61’s DirectLink concept you can control all the features like mixer, track pan, transpose, sound level, other virtual instrument parameters and other features of your digital audio workstatioin directly from your MIDI keyboard while playing. DirectLink does not require complicated setup. It is easy and convenient.

Axiom 61’s LCD display is quite intuitive and is centered on the keyboard for optimum visibility.

Dedicated Instrument Mode – Axiom 61’s another important feature that lets you switch between controlling virtual instrument and mixer parameters instantly.

I really love Axiom 61’s modulation wheels and assignable pitch bend. They act in full accord with your intuition.

There are many MIDI keyboards available on market, however I think Axiom 61 is best to start with. In my future posts I will introduce  Axiom 61 Pro which I think is a revolutionary MIDI keyboard.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Home Recording Studio Equipment Basics

15-20 years ago it was impossible to record music without using the service of expensive music recording studios. But the development of digital technology bore new possibilities for those who wanted to record music. Nowadays anyone can make a home studio at home, whithout using expensive music recording equipment. On this blog you will find information about the home recording studio equipment that are cheap and give you possibility to record high quality audio. There are only five things needed for starting your own home studio:

1. Powerful Computer

Computer is the most important part of home recording studio equipment as whole studio is to be based on it. That is why buying a powerful computer is necessary. You may save money on other parts of music studio equipment, but not on computer. I advise buying a Dual-Core computer having a minimum of 3 GB of RAM and 2.1 GHZ each core.

2. Audio Interface

Audio interfaces used to cost too much even some 7-8 years ago. But nowadays they are getting cheap and cheap day by day. You can get one even for 130$. Your computer’s processor will not be optimized on recording music. That is why you need audio interface. This device will give you possibility to connect all the other parts of your home recording studio equipment to your computer and it will help your pc to become optimized on recording music.

3. A Microphone

You may not buy one if you are planning to do only instrumental recordings. But if you need to record vocals, than you definitely need to get a microphone. Microphones like other music recording equipment is getting less and less expensive.

4. Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are essential for recording high quality audio tracks. In fact normal speakers have no possibility of showing all the flaws an audio file may have. So without proper studio monitors your music studio equipment will be uncomplete and you will have no possibility of mixing your recordings professionally.

There are hundreds of companies working on music recording software. This is the second most important part of your home recording studio equipment as in fact music recording software will is to be your virtual studio, where you will play, record, mix and produce music.

When you have these five things gathered you may consider that you have all the equipment for making home recording studio, but you will definitely require some musical instruments as well. Below you have the possibility to read the reviews of various musical instruments. Also this blog will help you to choose audio interfaces, computers, microphones, studio monitors, music recording software and many other less important home recording studio equipment that fits your requirements best !

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Studiophile AV 30 Monitors Review - Music Studio Equipment

As stated above, studio monitors are essential part of home recording studio equipment. If you do no t have much space at home for music studio, then you definitely need to have the studio monitors, that provide full, rich sound even when the area is limited. In this occasion would advice M-audio’s Studiophile AV30 Monitors, which only cost 99USD! This home recording studio equipment is made using the same technology that is used in all the M-audio’s monitors and that has made M-audio so popular among sound engineers. Studiophile AV 30 fits the needs professional sound engineer may have by including audiophile grade amplifier and RCA inputs. The studio monitors ensure optimal fidelity.

Studiophile AV 30 gives you possibility to get all of today’s music, movies, video games. Many monitors in this price range do not provide proper acoustic soundm but Studiophile is an exception! Av 30 has the possibility to give you accurate low-frequency response.

Nowadays many studio monitors have a problem of interfering on other music studio equipment, but when you use Studiophile AV 30, you can be sure that you will have no interference at all! These monitors are shielded with magnets, that prevent them from interfering and give it possibility to coesxist with the rest of the home recording studio equipment.

M-Audio has invented a wave guide called Optlmage III. This amazing guide gives Studiophile AV 30 the possibility to provide overall detail sound and improve clarity. Optlmage III ensures that the sound from the drivers reaches the ears of listeners at the same time! So you have the full, rich stereo image and on-time response as well!

These monitors are great not only as home recording studio equipment, but as the upgrade of the PC speakers as well, as their size doesn’t exceed the size of normal speakers!

Features Sumamry:

Amplifier: 15 watt/channel

Magentic Shielding

Optlmage III

3” composite woofers

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Music Studio Equipment - M-Audio MobilePre USB - Review

In the modern world musicians prefer recording music at home to paying much money for studio time. All you need is just a powerful computer and the rest of home music recording equipment and you are ready to start spontaneous live performance, make a demo or a pro-quality recordings for your next album. If you got a computer the next thing needed is a digital audio interface. If 2 microphone inputs (XLR balanced) with 48v phantom power, a stereo microphone input, 2 high-impedance instrument/line inputs and 2 analog outputs gathered in a mobile audio interface match your needs then I strongly advise buying M-Audio’s MobilePre USB. This audio interface gives you possibility to record music wherever and whenever you wish.

Nowadays music studio equipment are being optimized on being easy to use and this audio interface is great example of it as it is incredibly simple to use. Forget all the internal hardware installations and all the confusing software drivers. Even Ac adapter is not necessary as this audio interface is supported by USB BUS power feature! All you need to start making home recordings is attaching the USB cable to your PC and M-Audio MobilePre.

This music recording equipment has two input channels, giving you possibility of recording anything you wish. Both of the channels feature an XLR jack for mics. High-impedance instruments are supported by a 0.25 inch jack input. Different indicators show you that the channel is active, or you are pushing too hard. This music studio equipment also features switchable phantom power, that gives you possibility to accommodate condesner mics of studio-quality. So you just have to plug microphone to the first channel and a guitar to the second channel, run a stereo keybord into both channels, add a drum machine to get the sound that matches your needs. MobilePre USB works with any music recording software, so this music recording equipment makes your possibilities endless.