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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Home Recording Studio Equipment Basics

15-20 years ago it was impossible to record music without using the service of expensive music recording studios. But the development of digital technology bore new possibilities for those who wanted to record music. Nowadays anyone can make a home studio at home, whithout using expensive music recording equipment. On this blog you will find information about the home recording studio equipment that are cheap and give you possibility to record high quality audio. There are only five things needed for starting your own home studio:

1. Powerful Computer

Computer is the most important part of home recording studio equipment as whole studio is to be based on it. That is why buying a powerful computer is necessary. You may save money on other parts of music studio equipment, but not on computer. I advise buying a Dual-Core computer having a minimum of 3 GB of RAM and 2.1 GHZ each core.

2. Audio Interface

Audio interfaces used to cost too much even some 7-8 years ago. But nowadays they are getting cheap and cheap day by day. You can get one even for 130$. Your computer’s processor will not be optimized on recording music. That is why you need audio interface. This device will give you possibility to connect all the other parts of your home recording studio equipment to your computer and it will help your pc to become optimized on recording music.

3. A Microphone

You may not buy one if you are planning to do only instrumental recordings. But if you need to record vocals, than you definitely need to get a microphone. Microphones like other music recording equipment is getting less and less expensive.

4. Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are essential for recording high quality audio tracks. In fact normal speakers have no possibility of showing all the flaws an audio file may have. So without proper studio monitors your music studio equipment will be uncomplete and you will have no possibility of mixing your recordings professionally.

There are hundreds of companies working on music recording software. This is the second most important part of your home recording studio equipment as in fact music recording software will is to be your virtual studio, where you will play, record, mix and produce music.

When you have these five things gathered you may consider that you have all the equipment for making home recording studio, but you will definitely require some musical instruments as well. Below you have the possibility to read the reviews of various musical instruments. Also this blog will help you to choose audio interfaces, computers, microphones, studio monitors, music recording software and many other less important home recording studio equipment that fits your requirements best !

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