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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Studiophile AV 30 Monitors Review - Music Studio Equipment

As stated above, studio monitors are essential part of home recording studio equipment. If you do no t have much space at home for music studio, then you definitely need to have the studio monitors, that provide full, rich sound even when the area is limited. In this occasion would advice M-audio’s Studiophile AV30 Monitors, which only cost 99USD! This home recording studio equipment is made using the same technology that is used in all the M-audio’s monitors and that has made M-audio so popular among sound engineers. Studiophile AV 30 fits the needs professional sound engineer may have by including audiophile grade amplifier and RCA inputs. The studio monitors ensure optimal fidelity.

Studiophile AV 30 gives you possibility to get all of today’s music, movies, video games. Many monitors in this price range do not provide proper acoustic soundm but Studiophile is an exception! Av 30 has the possibility to give you accurate low-frequency response.

Nowadays many studio monitors have a problem of interfering on other music studio equipment, but when you use Studiophile AV 30, you can be sure that you will have no interference at all! These monitors are shielded with magnets, that prevent them from interfering and give it possibility to coesxist with the rest of the home recording studio equipment.

M-Audio has invented a wave guide called Optlmage III. This amazing guide gives Studiophile AV 30 the possibility to provide overall detail sound and improve clarity. Optlmage III ensures that the sound from the drivers reaches the ears of listeners at the same time! So you have the full, rich stereo image and on-time response as well!

These monitors are great not only as home recording studio equipment, but as the upgrade of the PC speakers as well, as their size doesn’t exceed the size of normal speakers!

Features Sumamry:

Amplifier: 15 watt/channel

Magentic Shielding

Optlmage III

3” composite woofers

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