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Thursday, 8 December 2011

M-Audio Axiom 61 - Review by Home Recording Studio Equipment on Blogspot

M-Audio’s Axiom 61 can be one of the basic equipment for your home recording studio. This keyboard is not just a controller, it combines all the performace and production you may need to get from your music recording software or a MIDI gear.

Axiom 61 has 61 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive keys with assignable aftertouch. Of course this does not provide you with the ability to fully get a real feel of a piano, however you can still get a satisfying playing experience even when playing acoustic piano style. But Axiom 61 is just a wonderful keyboard for playing synthesizer, pads, organs and all non-acoustic VSTs.
Axiom 61 comes with 8 large dynamic trigger pads. These pads are extremely useful for making one-shot samples. Your beat creation creativity has endless possibilities with Axiom 61.

What is more, Axiom 61 comes with 9 assignable faders, 8 assignable rotary encoder knobs and buttons that enable you to have direct real-time control of your music recording software. With Axiom 61’s DirectLink concept you can control all the features like mixer, track pan, transpose, sound level, other virtual instrument parameters and other features of your digital audio workstatioin directly from your MIDI keyboard while playing. DirectLink does not require complicated setup. It is easy and convenient.

Axiom 61’s LCD display is quite intuitive and is centered on the keyboard for optimum visibility.

Dedicated Instrument Mode – Axiom 61’s another important feature that lets you switch between controlling virtual instrument and mixer parameters instantly.

I really love Axiom 61’s modulation wheels and assignable pitch bend. They act in full accord with your intuition.

There are many MIDI keyboards available on market, however I think Axiom 61 is best to start with. In my future posts I will introduce  Axiom 61 Pro which I think is a revolutionary MIDI keyboard.

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