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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

M-Audio Fast Track C Series Audio Interfaces Review by Home Recording Studio Equipment on Blogspot

I would like to dedicate this post to M-Audio Fast Track C-Series Audio Interfaces. I had been using old Fast Track audio interfaces for years but C-Series – C600 and C400 are so innovative that I could not help myself but express my admiration towards these interfaces.
The most important advantages of C-Series Fast Track interfaces is that they remove all the limits for speed of making music. If you are using C400 or C600 the sky.. well your musical creativity is the only limit for your music making speed. These audio interfaces manage to offer you this thanks to top-panel controls. These controls make you able to control the features of your music recording software directly and they can be integrated with almost all the DAWs available on market nowadays.
What is else C400 and C600 offer built-in delay and reverb effects so that you can use them right on the fly.
Another amazing feature of C-series is Built-in monitor management system. Telling a long story short, this feature lets you check how your newly created musical track sounds on different sets of speakers. I have frequently found this part of mixing quite time-consuming. I had to try different sets of monitors seperately, however with M-Audio Fast Track C-Series, this can be done by just pushing the necessary button on the audio interface.
Fast Track is also equipped with Near-Zero Latency Monitor just to inspire wonderful performances. Nothing is more awful than getting latency while mixing. So ZERO, I think, is the desired level of latency for all of the amateur and professional musicians alike.

C 400 comes with 4 input and 6 ouptut and C 600 with – 6 input and 8 output – enabling you to capture and play back multiple sources. 24 bit/96 kHz audio fidelity is all needed to make your recordings sound amazing!


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